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up to $450,000 apiece. (Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton struck a similar agreement with the Democratic National Committee.) But Trump has boasted, time and time again, about self-funding his campaign. It... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton, playing the role of Jeb Bush, but for the Democrats, is now slipping in poll after poll against Donald Trump. [Read More]
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Donald Trump is "preying on people's angst rather than offering tangible solutions." [Read More]
Jeb Bush on Saturday said Donald Trump is a skilled politician with a "very powerful message" about shaking up Washington, but he argued the presumptive Republican nominee is campaigning it in a way... [Read More]
After months of bashing the Republican National Committee and big fundraisers, Donald Trump is getting on board. "These are highly sophisticated killers, and when they give $5 million, or $2 million or... [Read More]
Jeb Bush told a Dutch news outlet that Donald Trump's Cinco de Mayo taco bowl tweet was "insensitive" and compared it to "eating a watermelon and saying, 'I love African-Americans.'" Sponsored: ... [Read More]
In a new interview, Jeb Bush says he still won't be endorsing Donald Trump for the presidency. [Read More]
Shock: MSM admits Clinton campaign dying! [Read More]
Nearly two weeks after Trump's infamous Cinco de Mayo tweet, Bush finally blasted his former rival, using equally questionable language. [Read More]
"What Trump did was so insensitive," Bush says. [Read More]
protests have ideological bounds, after all). But in one of his first interviews since leaving the race, the extent to which Bush sees the Republican Party as teetering toward irrelevance, and Trump... [Read More]
Bush said last week he doesn't plan to support Trump. [Read More]
what the hell do you have to be sorry for?"#ad#This was the governor whom I came to know and respect. Leaders take responsibility. They don't blame interns when things go wrong. They ... [Read More]
what the hell do you have to be sorry for?"#ad#This was the governor whom I came to know and respect. Leaders take responsibility. They don't blame interns when things go wrong. They ... [Read More]
Donald Trump Says Jeb Bush 'Dishonorable' For Reneging On Pledge... [Read More]
Donald Trump was not upset about Jeb Bush's announcement that he would skip the GOP convention in Cleveland. Trump told ... [Read More]
Jeb Bush Has Made A Decision On Whether Or Not To Support Donald Trump By: Dan MacRae... [Read More]
Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump blasted former presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham for refusing to back his campaign, citing a loyalty pledge they signed to support the party's nominee.... [Read More]
On August 6, 2015, during the first Republican presidential debate, every candidate promised to endorse the eventual nominee. Brett Baier ... [Read More]
Paul Ryan, after saying he wasn't ready to back the presumptive GOP nominee, will meet with him next week. [Read More]
Jeb! Bush released a statement today congratulating Donald Trump and then saying he will not support him this fall. Jeb! ... [Read More]
Former candidate, who spent much of primary season as the butt of Trump's jokes, posted on Facebook that Trump hasn't 'the strength or character' to serve Jeb Bush has joined his brother and... [Read More]
Trump's former 2016 presidential rivals Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham both said Friday they cannot support their party's de facto White House nominee. [Read More]
fire emoji here... [Read More]
The former hopeful wrote in a Facebook post, 'I will support principled conservatives at the state and federal levels, just as I have done my entire life.'... [Read More]
I congratulate Donald Trump on securing his place as the Republican Party's presumptive nominee. [Read More]
Jeb Bush will not be voting for Donald Trump. [Read More]
battle... [Read More]
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says he won't be supporting Donald Trump in November, becoming one of the highest-profile Republicans to disavow his party's presidential nominee. "Donald Trump has not demonstrated... [Read More]
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says he will not vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump in November's presidential election. [Read More]
Bush slammed both parties' front-runners as unfit for the White House. [Read More]
Graham was one of Trump's harshest critics during the campaign, calling his foreign policy ideas "dangerous" for the country. [Read More]
Joel Gehrke Former Gov. Jeb Bush said he will not vote for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in the general election. [Read More]
"He needs therapy," Jeb Bush says of Donald Trump in a featured clip from Hillary Clinton's new campaign ad... [Read More]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to withdraw from the 2016 Republican presidential race on Wednesday, becoming the latest candidate with much-vaunted executive experience to abandon his bid for the White House, according to... [Read More]
It wasn't that long ago that Karl Rove argued that Rubio, Walker and Jeb Bush were the top tier candidates, ... [Read More]
She has no stamina. She shouts. She's got nothing going for her but being a woman. Donald Trump, after toying with gender politics off and on during the campaign, is all in on... [Read More]
Jeb Bush says he thinks Donald Trump is "not a serious person" [Read More]

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